Advantage - Driving Lesson Packages

Advantage Driving School LLC will perform instructions necessary to aid our students in passing the NJ State Road Test, as well as provide important information and training valuable to the safe operation of an automobile on state, county, and local roads. We offer many different programs to meet your family’s needs from basic courses to meet the state required minimum, to advanced courses and review courses to make sure you have what it takes to be a safe driver.

Permit Service/ Application Fee
Applies to all 16 year old students, this fee includes the trip to the Motor Vehicle Agency to aquire the students permit, and returning to the Motor Vehicle Agency to validate the permit when the lessons are completed. (There is a $10.00 fee payable to NJ Motor Vehicles for the students permit. (If you have difficulty arranging transportation for your child we can make arrangments to pick them up and transport them to the DMV for thier permit for a small fee, please contact us for details.)
Basic Course - 6 hours behind the wheel (State minimum requirement)
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This course is meant to meet the minimum requirements by the State of New Jersey to attain a driver’s permit. There is a focus on the safe operation of the vehicle and information necessary to pass the NJ state Road test.
Intermediate Course - 10 hours behind the wheel (Better Value)
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This course is meant to provide students with more behind the wheel training than the minimum requirements. This course focuses on additional training and practice for the student under professional supervision. The goal is this course is to focus on safe vehicle.
Advanced Course - 12 hours behind the wheel (Our Best Value!)
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This is our best option - This course includes the most detailed of training with the most behind the wheel time to focus on safe and proper vehicle operation and will best prepare a student for the NJ State Road Test. This includes all material from the basic and intermediate course.
Review Lesson - 2 Hour Review for NJ State Road Test
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Review of driving skills recommended to be taken 1 week before the NJ Road Test as a prepatory lesson.
Cherry Hill Test Center Starting at -
Lawrenceville Test Center Starting at -
Salem Test Center Starting at-
Transport to MVA to acquire drivers license

Please contact us for details or exact pricing that may differ depending on

the location in which you need to be picked up and dropped off.

*Please keep this page for your records *

The Fine Print…

  • Road test service fee is due when the instructor/ agent picks up the student and is payable in Cash Only OR Prepaid with a credit card
  • Payment for lessons/packages etc. is due IN FULL at the Permit service or first lesson.
  • Students must cancel 24 hours in advance will be responsible for payment of the lesson.
  • There is a $35.00 fee for any returned checks
  • There is a $55.00 fee for replacing lost permits and also retaking written tests.
  • All prices valid for 90 days